Lifesupport isn't working

my lifesupport in Gmod isn’t working. i hav installed the folowwing SVN: Life Support 3-Core, Life Support 3-Entities, Resource Distribution 3, Custom Addon Framework, SpaceBuild Model Pack, Spacebuild, Spacebuild 3 Gamemod. but still it won’t work. i don’t even have a lifesupport tab! somebody knows how to fix this? please help

Did you put the game mode in addons?

no i put it in the the gamemodes folder…

It goes in addons.

you’re sure?? i put all gamemode addons in this folder… the install guide says i need to put it there… but i can give it a shot

now i don’t have the spacebuild gamemode anymore… and i still don’t have the lifesupport tab…:frowning:

Ok, Spacebuild Game mode SVN goes in addons.
You need to set the game mode, and it isn’t a life support tab; it is under Custom Addons Framework.

thats what i mean, i can’t choose spacebuild gamemode anymore.i do have a CAF tab… but i cant find anything that produces resources, i do have the link tool and the smart link tool, but the rest isn’t there… were can i find air scrubbers and powergeneretors etc???

Are they not Spacebuild 2 entities?

i didn’t found them there… which parts of spacebuild 2 or lifesupport should you delete? and which do you need to keep?

What you installed was Spacebuild 3, not Spacebuild 2.

To be honest, I look LS3 off my server and went with Lifesupport 2… I think its much better and its much more compatible.

i’m done with lifesupport… its quite big. so i deleted it… but there is still SBEP stuuf in my proplist even though i’ve deleted the spacebuild? i do i get rid of does spwanicons etc… when i click them nothing happens so the rest is gone… except the list and icons


*how do i get rid oft the lists and icons??

List - garrysmod/settings/spawnlist
icons: garrysmod/spawnicons