Light bug

I’ve had this problem for a while and i’ve reinstalled
what happens is that a random light flashes \ that way and itkinda lags me.anyone know the fix?

It’s from the CSE weapon pack, remove the flashbang.

its not when i use flashbang its all the time
its a random color of light that \ across the screen
where is that?


where is it???

So you’re saying the colour can be blue, red or green?

Also, it doesnt matter if you don’t have the flashbang out, it can still occur whether you’re using it or not. It’s poorly scripted.

ok and yes it can be any color
whereis flashbang

Well, it sounds like it’s possibly graphics card related. And the Flashbang will be in your addons folder somewhere.

well i run other games just fine…hl2:dm hl2 css dods without that prob

Well it’s the flashbang. Delete it from your addons directory.

prob is i just reinstalled…

Try updating your drivers, but try renaming your steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod directory to something other than garrysmod, so it creates a fresh copy and you can see if it’s a specification problem, or an addon problem.

i deleted the old one annd then installed it again so it is a fresh copy
i also got another prob when ever i install addons they don’t appear in game but the in my addons folder…

Hey man I know your problem rightclick the garrysmod shortcut and after the -applaunch 4000 put -dxlevel90