Light Enviroment Problem

Im having a problem with my light enviroment that has never happened to me before. Whenever I load my map all of the buildings where i used stardard lighting are lit up but the outside is still dark. Could someone please take a look at my compile log and tell me whats wrong.

One error in there which jumps out when running through log checker.

material not found!: medieval/cobblestone001

The error is self-explanatory. Somewhere in your map you have referenced a texture that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you used a texture from another modification or game you haven’t correctly set your current game up for?

Make sure you have your mod paths set up correctly and that you are including all mod contents you need.

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Other than that from what I can see it looks fine, but then again it is almost 11pm…

Ok I changed the texture and everything is working fine, thanks much sphinx, sometimes its hard to point out your own stupid mistakes. :slight_smile:

No worries dude, add me on steam if you want so I can answer some more question: Bounty1230

Ok new problem i dug into the map a little, I removed a section of the floor and made a little room under there, it is all inside the skybox and the map loads fine except for it being dark again.

New Compile Log.

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Okay am now off to bed, I can see Firegod is here so he’ll answer your question instead of me, if he doesn’t I’ll answer it in the morning.

Hmm I don’t see anything wrong in the compile log. Have you tried throwing everything into a new .vmf?

Yea its still not working, sorry if im a bother for being a noob.

EDIT: Ok i resaved about 5 times without changing a thing and for some reason it started to work again, thanks all for your help.

Ok well it seems when i created another room underground for some reason the lighting stopped working again. Heres my new compile log.