Light N (Concept, or whatever)

(The N stands for the Greek letter Nu. Which sounds like ‘new’.)

Basically I had this idea that I’d take the feature list from the original LightRP thread and make some minor modifications that allow adding stuff that doesn’t affect actual RP - not much, anyway.

Planned features:

  • Everything in LightRP, duh
  • Clientside localization (Basically language files just in case you want your GUI and error messages in Danish)
  • A small GUI for the features that are simpler through a GUI. All chat commands will still be preserved.
  • A simple, configurable logging system that basically just allows admins to monitor what’s going on on their server and with possible functionality to for example warn admins of excess spam from some certain user. Oh, and a nice log window that lets you browse through it.
  • Something else, what? Suggestions, people, as long as they don’t involve guns or drugs or stuff like that. Even on the concept stage I’m trying to keep it lighweight.

tl;dr LightRP but with a new name and some new stuff.

I’d appreciate suggestions and comments to see if anyone actually would want this.

Sounds dull and generic… It will conjure an army of generic/unoriginal servers everywhere, unless it’s REQUIRED to edit in order to work, so people will have to think for themselves.

Oh, wow. And I thought people liked LightRP :3


Hmm, I can’t actually recall anyone saying that LightRP servers were dull, generic or unoriginal.

Besides, there wouldn’t be much to modify.

I’m just saying, gamemodes needs to be blank, so people have to fill them, classes, features, text, whatever… Make sure people have to personalize it, otherwise servers becomme unoriginal.

LightRP actually only had a few hardcoded classes and some few special functions but really not much more, IIRC. And it used to be enough. Why wouldn’t it still be?

Because nobody likes to see the same thing over and over again, you might aswell keep it private and just have a designated server for it.

Lots of Guns.
Cheap Guns.
Big Guns.
Automatic Guns.

What the christ is that horrible thing in your avatar.

I-Isnt it…


** :suicide:

Anyways, i werent exactly into garrysmod back when lightrp existed, but it sounds pretty kewl.

Esalaka = Roleplay Guru.

I like the idea.

I would fucking love this!

Here are my suggestions:

For police officers, equip them with a door breacher, stun baton, which can be used to knock soemone out after several blows, and handcuffs (That don’t appear, you just look unarmed) that don’t magically teleport people to the cells but rather make whoever is cuffed walk with the police officer (But they need a warrant to be arrested to prevent abuse). For the Police Cheif, equip him with all of a normal officer’s equipment pulus a glock with no extra ammo and make him able to give arrest and door breach warrants. The mayor would also be able to give warrants but would have no extra equipment. Also make guns very expensive, such as a glock being 10K.

It’s called a Beiber, it hypnotizes teenage girls and must be killed with fire.

A blunt stick is more suitable than fire.

Wait, taking LightRP and planning to rewrite it makes me a guru?


Would you kindly re-read the OP? I said LightRP, not DarkRP.

Sure you want suggestions? So far you’ve swung them away faster than a lesbian would with a golfball…

I didn’t say I’d accept the suggestions, did I?

Also, I’m high on Robot Unicorn Attack. Don’t judge me.

I’d rather use a branch, with thorns on it. :eng101: