Light Recon Helicopter [LRH69]

Well, I did it again!

Basically everyone in Gmod doesn’t appreciate a gunner seat, so I made a nifty single seated heli!

It operates the same as my Kamov, but with a few extra features.

R toggles through the M230 Autocannon, the M260 Hydras, and the 87mm Guided Missile Launcher. When the cannon is selected, its entirely mouse aimed and pretty much 100% accurate when firing from a stabilized position, and still really amazing when on the move. You can go to a gunner view, and have access to 100x zoom.

Also, tap alt to enter the autohover mode, where it perfectly stabilizes for the most accurate flying position!

Also, sorry for the unedited video and the frame freezing every little bit. Stupid fraps >:|

The 30mm is a 2A42, not an M230.

Lol, Nice contraption, Light Recon Helicopter 69, Ironic choice of numbers.

(God I am immature)

I don’t like how high the angles are for your cockpit pieces, I think it’d look better if it was lower, or had more pieces.

Yeah was about to say, the M230 does like no prop damage (why is that GD?) I know it is predominantly an anti infantary He but c’mo…

Anyway tibbles, much better than the Kamov IMO but still boxy.

Oh and there is nothing wrong with gunner seats!

Awesome! However, it could do with some curves here and there (agreeing with Hunta’s boxy comment).

Just asking, would you find that caliber cannon on a light recon copter? It has a pretty big boom.

lol no, but it is on the mi-28 so it can be mounted on a heli- and this is gmod so deal with it :-p

More curvy, Very good though :v:

Looks really fun, the only problem is the limited visibility below you. Most shooting is done below you, and that is where you have the worst vision. I know you have a second camera to zoom, but I would still recommend having glass floor windows to see your targets better.

Looks more like a small attack helicopter to me. I think Warrior when I think recon chopper:

Hey, I appreciate a Gunner’s Seat.

Makes flying with a friend a blast. :v:

Who sits up top? lolololololz.