Light, shade and darkness

Comment and rate please :D.

The bloom is incredable!Artistic!

Liken’ villa cocaina?:q:

Good work

Serves only to hide bad posing. The Villa Cocaina pictures are the only ones where you can see it, in that he’s not actually holding the gun’s grip.

I only like the second.

You should really turn AA on, it’s very important.

these are some of the better screenshots i’ve seen just because of the editing. i love the dark dismal sense to it. ace.

Very nice use of filters, however the posing is a bit off. Still, the filtering makes it a worthy set of images. Good work, :smiley:

The problem with your third picture is the he has the butt of the gun in the wrong shoulder. The arm with the hand that holds the trigger is always where the gun stock goes too. That would make that picture much better

A trained soldier knows the difference between an unarmed corpse and an enemy.

A trained soldiers also knows that this is just a game.
I just wanted to work with lights and shadows.

And no, I don´t want to cover my “bad” posing because like I said I just wanted to work with lights and shadows.

There ok but the 2nd pose is by far the best.

last picture is like the best one i ever ever saw here

Too much contrast. Looks like it’s sharpened to hell.

That’s good.

I don’t really see any bloom. Am I blind or do you not know what bloom is? I’m seriously not seeing any bloom. :ohdear:

Back on topic,
It’s kinda hard to make out the picture, the lighting is a BIT weird.

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