Light source inside shelters/buildings.

It would be nice if u could add a torch u can hang on the wall. Maybe use animal fat as material to keep it burning.

Using another fireplace is good if you have extra wood and not smelting/cooking.

I’ve found lighting a fire at night inside my home is a bad idea. It’s a “come and get me!” sign for all the typical players.

Ya when I have my fire on I get harassed by naked ppl outside a lot. Doubt some1 would full out raid you with you there though…

But yes I would like to see some kind of place-able torches/lamp.
Just because we live in the apocalypse doesn’t mean we have to live like barbarians…

Very True in some situations, I saw a poor bloke yesterday get his little shack blown sky high with satchel charges. All because of a fire but in saying that many people take the risk on a daily basis. :dance:

1+ for Hang-able Torch :wink:

You’d be surprised… Actually it’s quite the opposite, people do come and raid you while you are there. When there are no lights on in your house, you would be surprised how many people just run right by it thinking it has already been raided or it’s an abandoned house/building. Actually, now that I think of it EVERYTIME I personally have been raided was when I was sitting in my house with a fire on.

Now i don’t know about everyone but i believe this to be a good idea. We should be able to, with metal fragments, make a furnace that we could smelt things better then a fireplace. Due to fires in the houses being a big giveaway, We should be able to make things to mount to trees. That way we can add torches on them so to light various areas to keep people form knowing if we are home or not. Now there might be a problem with it but the torches mounted on trees could have a 15minute timer so people might not now if someone is still int the area or not. Any thoughts on these 2 ideas?

I Think a furnace would be a great factor to add in the game (less time to make things) but i believe it should be hard to make^^ And why don’t we throw in a wood working bench for crafting wooden items faster.
Just an idea…


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And what’s with people and torches, that shit wouldn’t be safe on a wooden house regardess of what Minecraft has taught you. How about a lantern or something?

hmm that may be. I just have never been anything but harassed when my fire is on.

I suggested a lamp :slight_smile:

ooo maybe a clap-on light!

Bendy glowsticks.
Then I could build art that people could see through a window

Actually, depending on how the torch is made, they are just fine on the wall in a sconce on a wooden wall. My Uncles cabin has this, since it’s very rustic and he’s made everything in his house from scratch.

The reason i suggested Torches, is because campfires take up room in the house. So with torches you can just free that space and as people suggested, get a furnace to replace those 3-4 campfires. After that, craft a comfy couch, a tv and just sit back and enjoy that root beer. :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed. Cook at day, and hunt at night…

Well torches on walls should be addede, it would be nice in pve, and to prevent to get raide, tehn why not put up lights on many houses near by?

It’s in very early development. They will most likely add more light sources such as fire places, lanterns, etc.

blowing up shelters is so much fun. you can just see the shelter dissapearing and the owner is just standing inside naked and shitting himself :quagmire:

Putting barricades along your shelter walls kinda helps to filter the light seeping outside the shelter in the night. Makes it stick out less, especially if you form a second doorway in the front with the cades.