Light Tool Lag + Laggy Net_Graph HELP!

Okay i built a new computer a few days ago. Here are the Specs.

Intel i7 920 @ Stock Speeds
X58 Motherboard
Evga GTX 285 1GB
WD VelociRaptor 300Gb
Antec 1200
Ultra X3 1000Watt
Cooler Master v8
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit
Razer Tarantula Keyboard
Razer Lachesis
OCZ (3x2Gb) 1600MHz Platinum Triple Channel Memory

Now, He is my issue. I am running everything on max settings at 1920x1080 everything runs very smoothly i get about 700Fps (Depending if i use Anti Analyzing or not.)

When i first turned my net_Graph on i had it set to 1 and it worked. Now just out of curiosity i set it to 3 because i like that Graph better my Fps Dropped to about 12 Fps. That’s not right, haha. I really like to use net_graph 3 so if anyone could maybe tell me how to fix this? I have the latest DX10 Drivers and Latest GTX285 Drives installed. Is there something i could try?

okay now my second issue. This one bugs me a lot. My Lamp tool works great no huge fps drop at all. But when i use the Light tool my fps drops to about 20 again. What the hell is up with that? Has anyone every had this issue at all before? is there any way i could fix this? My game isn’t crashing so i cannot give you any error logs.

Can someone help me out here? This never happened on my last computer…

That’s really weird O_O

Nice specs … i’m goin for the Tarantula too but i’m gettin the deathadder instead of lachesis.

Now: you could do a fresh install, or you could mess around with the settings in the menu…
I honestly have never seen this problem.

I ended up having a bad Motherboard so i got a RMA and Newegg is shipping me another. Maybe it wont be there after i get the new board.

God. I hope things work out. Its just so strange that the light tool was laggy and the lamp tool didn’t even lagg me at all. Lol I had 700Fps on Flatgrass everything maxed. As for the new_graph as long as one of them works I’m fine.

Was your motherboard OEM?

Becuase newegg sucks at shipping anything as OEM.

No it wasn’t

700 fps… woah… how did you… I WANT YOUR COMPUTAH! NOW!


My big brothers computer is almost powerful like yours. Windows Vista 64-bit 8 gigabytes RAM, Quad-Core processor and Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT SLI x2 (four graphics card SLI) But when i play GMod on my big brothers computer, fps is only 100. :frowning: It should be about 500-700. Did you set something special?

C’mon. The 8800 GT is better than an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT right?

I get like 200-30 FPS on flatgrass and it’s playing on a mac.

Yeah, uhm it got’s FOUR 8800 GT:s. Gta IV runs maxed out 60 fps…

Make sure you got fps_max set to a high number. I was maxing out at 300fps because that’s what the max was. Then i raised it and then my net_graph told me the max.

but yeah i don’t like how the light tool is laaggy :frowning:

Anyone else have any ideas?

“Anti Analyzing” = Anti-Aliasing
Just thought I’d point that out… >_>

No clue, sorry.

I am DROOLING at the PC’s specs I see in this thread.
J00 guise r luky.

In Half Life, your max fps is capped at 72. I bumped it up to 80, and believe it or not, but my performance went down. I stayed at 80fps, but the game felt sluggish. (like the floors were made of glue, and I gained weight)

Now, I have set the max fps to 500 in gmod, and it felt the same way as Half Life did, steady fps, but sluggish. Put it back to 300 fps, perfectly fine.

It may be the max fps?

Hmm, Maybe? But i have a question about that max fps thing. Is there a command that i can put in the start up options that will set the fps_max to a higher number? Like 700? Because yeah i have to set the fps_max every time i restart the game. Lol. I guess its not a big deal sense 300Fps Capped is still good. I’ll have to try that. Maybe it will fix a few of my issues?

Too bad i got to wait for my new motherboard to come in. Lol, the video controller was shit when i got it. I was getting bad artifacts after about days use. I was on the phone with Evga all day lol. Trouble shooting. Then finally got to the “You most likely got a dead motherboard” so i got a RMA and returned it.

As long as the new one works I’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue: Keep the ideas coming!

Wow, that sounds familiar. When I was building my machine, I screwed the motherboard in wrong, and I flexed it. I got in, and I crashed all the time. Even launching paint caused me to crash. Had to wait two weeks for new hardware to come, and that was painful.

Think of going from a computer that can just barely run Fallout 3, then going to something that could play Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Garry’s Mod all at once.

The only time that I crash now is just because Windows 7 is a bit unstable.

Anyway, about your mysterious lag, I do believe it’s the max fps thing. 300fps, 500fps, and even 60fps, I feel very little difference between those.

Oh, and just for a good laugh…

(Yes, that was what my gmod looked like a few days ago, I did it for the lulz)


That’s just great. I love that picture. I almost asked myself if you were in Hl1

Anyways. Once my part comes in. I guess i will mess with it some more. Maybe redownloading Garry’s Mod. Or seeing if i have this issue in other steam games. Ect ect. Maybe some driver updates for all my parts. Sense i never got to do all that. Just maybe it will all be gone and it was just lagging because my motherboard Video controller was out and it didn’t like that type of overlay.

But hey. Its hard to say. I hope it will all work out though. I spent a lot on this computer. Saved up forever!

That picture is just sweet.

Any more ideas?

Wow, not even MY computer sucks that much ass.

hurrr low texture res

I’d Rage quit if my game looked like that.

Bump* Any more ideas? Suggestions?