light_environiment lights skybox only

As I said. When I made the skybox the light_env lighted only the skybox and not the main map.
here is the vmf

Set the light_env up correctly?
Given it a pitch between -90 and 0? where -90 is straight down and 0 is horizontally cast light.
Set the brightness right? twhere the first 3 numbers are the RGB colour value of the light and the last is the brightness.
This may help you:

Yes, I know this stuff, im messing with em in a while now. It was all right until I made the 3d skybox and i fucked up. could you check the map to see whats wrong?

you need two light_envs. one in 3d skybox, one in main map

i tried already, but its the same

Ahh I see now. You need to re-read on how to make a 3d skybox. the models in the 3d skybox are intersecting the area the playable space will occupy in game and hence casting a shadow that makes the map seem unlit.


Myth. VRad ignores all but the first light_env it finds, regardless and all tools/skybox textured faces in the map emit light in exactly the same manner, regardless.

so i gotta move the skybox far away?


That didnt work

No, reread some tutorials on 3d skybox creation.
(the skybox needs remaking)

why? whats the problem? I think i did everything ok

If your 3d skybox is full of props, you gotta disable their shadows

If it’s full of terrain, then you need to move the sky_camera up a bit


This could very well be it. Redo your 3D skybox and follow the instructions very carefully - the Sky_Camera entity is not supposed to be in the center of your 3D skybox - it’s supposed to be positioned in what would be 0,0,0 relative to everything else in your map.

You also need to leave room surrounding the sky_camera entity for the map itself, otherwise the skybox models will be rendered partly inside the playable area.

If you download the map, you will see that the camera is placed relatively to what would be (0, 0, 0) for the main map.

There is nothing covering my view in the skybox. the problem is that the light_env doesn’t work on the main part of the map. A normal ligh entity will light the map, but not the light_env


Bah, take your box back. That worked for me.

He means no because moving the sky_camera destroys any placing and fucks up the 3d skybox.