Light_environment issues

Differences between windows and osx (osx is almost completely dark)

Another lighting issue which happens on both windows and osx

pitch yaw roll: 90 0 0
Pitch: -45
Brightness: 30 60 89 200
Ambient: 255 255 255 20
HDR settings all default (off) -1 -1 -1 1
SunSpreadAngle: 180

Pitch Yaw Roll: 80 30 0
Shadow color: 50 50 50
Max Distance: 75

Any ideas?

probably just compatibilty issues between the two platforms.

Equation for projected textures, not OS bug.

Not sure what you mean exactly, but I will look into it, thanks for the tip.
As far as the lighting differences, do you know anything about that? Is that some known OS bug?

It could be hardware.

Also what I said was that projected textures have to use an equation to project from a point. This equation has the texture project backwards, its not an Operating System bug, r_flashlightscissor 1 should fix this problem. But it may not because they only time you are going to need it, is if you are using the flashlight. The way r_flashlightscissor calculates what side can be seen needs to change in the source code, so if garry ever tries to fix it, that is what he will do.

Thanks for the clarification in the flashlight issue.

As far as hardware is concerned, it is the same, as I am running it on the same computer; which leads me to believe it is software, or OS related.
In other maps I do not notice such a difference, but this may be because my map is really pushing for a dark feel, and not many do that. Usually maps are more adequately light.

Another odd thing that I would like to add, is I made a very small test-map (to speed rendering) with the same lighting environment, and it does not show as overwhelmingly dark.
Is this because it is a smaller map? I know light comes in from the skybox, and maybe being closer on all sides it lights the ground better?

Well I am rebuilding from scratch, so far no issues with it being too dark on OSX, so there is something OSX definitely doesn’t like, but windows looks over. What that is, I’m not sure.


someone told me it was like this on windows like it is on osx now before orange box

darker light_env

Looked like the contrast was all messed up on OSX.

OpenGL/Quartz and DirectX see gamma differently for some reason. There’s very little you can do about it on the map’s side of things, as there are no entities that detect which platform the map is running on (as far as I know).

The OS X version looks a lot better in my opinion. A starry night would never be as bright as the scene in the first picture.

@CapsAdmin / Tanner
Thanks for the replies, that clears it up a bit. I actually prefer the OSX rendering, as well. I wish I only had to map for one type of rendering, it has proven to be difficult to find that happy medium that both OS’s can live with.

Heres a screenshot from OSX, really detailing the nice light it produces.

As a note to future readers, weathermod also renders differently with OSX (much darker), even when it’s not “on”. It definitely played a part in the confusion of making this map.