light_environment not working when i add water

i am making a naval map so water is pretty much mandatory. but when i add water, the light environment doesnt work and the map goes fullbright.

can anyone please help me? ty

compile log:


ok after making a test map i have discovered that the water lighting bug happens every time i create a vast water map.

did you texture world solids with tools/skybox

2D skybox yes

don’t use 2dskybox, use just “skybox”

i switched over to normal skybox but that didnt fix the lighting

can you show a compile log? i think something is leaking

light environment has to be in the sky inside the level, not in the skybox or in the water. Make sure you used the ‘point at’ button while editing the light entity, and nodraw all of the water except the surface, maybe something you overlooked? personally I create a skybox by equipping the skybox texture (light blue one) and creating a cube around the level, use hollow and just use 8 blocks and make sure it encompasses the whole map and the map doesnt protrude through it.

i think we are misunderstanding with the skybox.

i dont have a 3D skybox, there is no sky camera. it is just the 2D skybox texture around the map.
nothing is outside it and there are no leaks.

i have tested it, only when water is added does the map go fully lit.

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yes i have done exacttly that but water makes the map go fullbright when added


You have a leak. Make sure your map is completely sealed from the black void.

Your Vrad is crashing. Try turning up the lightmap scale of some surfaces that don’t need precise lighting. Roofs generally don’t need a 16 lightmap scale for instance, you could get away with a 32 lightmap scale, and in some cases a 48. Small tiny details don’t need a 16 lightmap scale either, put those to 24 - 32. This will make your compile time quicker, give you more geometry to work with, and allow you to actually compile your map.

Mate sure you have water_lod_control

Is it a near full-grid single water brush and displacement?

If your still having trouble check out my Retarded Water Fix thread. It should help you.

that stopped the vrad crashes and yes you were right, a smooth compile. but it didnt solve the lighting problem. :frown:

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yes but i divided it into quarters

If your still having problems Wank then check out my “Retarded Water Fix” Thread.
Otherwise just replace your light_environment with just light. Then make the light real bright.
If you have problems still. Send me the map download.

sorry about the frequent bumps guys but i really need this fixed

I cant help you if your not going to listen. Sorry.

dude, you water fix thread doesnt help.

Then you can send us the .vmf file. And not be so rude, Im just here to help.