Can someone model a Tron Lightcycle as a vehicle so i can make it into a vehicle? I would do it myself except i’m no good at complex modelling. When I release the vehicle you will get credit for the model. You may choose how it looks like too.

Wrong section. We make the models, not make them into vehicles.

Sorry i was unclear. im looking for a model for the vehicle not the coding. i can\have done that myself

You couldn’t search?

I did that one is wire hologram stuff and the others don’t work as a vehicle as they are not complied as vehicles

If you want them coded as a vehicle I think the best thing to do is to probably go to the Lua Coding Requests forum.

i dont need it to be coded. Let me explain. A vehicle (like the jeep) has certain animations for the wheels and steering wheels while a prop doesnt.

But they don’t need to be animated, they weren’t animated in the movie.
They just turned at 90 degree angles.