Lighter model

Could someone possibly make a lighter model i would do it but my shitty pc got a virus so if anyone can make one it would be useful for comics and screenshots etc:

(for lighting ciggerates)

Depends what kind of a lighter you’re talking about.

Plastic or a zippo?

I asked Jason278 to port these from Fallout but I have no idea how much he has worked on 'em.

Any one would do man

Well seeing how I have a lot of work to do plus a summer job I most likely won’t be able to do all of them

I can do a handful, maybe 5 or so

Dude, you don’t have to do more than maybe one and that would be the one that looks most normal.

So 1 is fine then? I’ll grab one of the blue ones then or if you have a better choice from the pack

one will do i just thought of having ciggerate props and shit and no lighter
but if you have the time it would be gratefully apprecited


It’s easy to reskin them after all.

Pretty much any one can find better textures than the vanillas.

Search “Cigarette” on

i tried to download that cig mod v1.0 but i cant find it :o

The best cig props I know of

Is there a lit cigarette in it?

Done, here is the grey lighter from the pack Exorade linked

If you don’t bother to actually check out the link provided, don’t bother to post stupid questions.

thanks jason :smiley: