Lighting a basement

I’ve been mapping a basement but I’m having trouble lighting it - it’s quite an open area but when I go to light it, some props look stupidly bright, and the light is really patchy, making one area bright but the rest of the map dark… are there any decent tutorials on lighting or does anybody have any advice on how to light a basement type area without making it too bright?

Got some lighting tutorials over at Halfwit-2, depending on the size and shape of the room will effect how many lights are needed and the brightness of them. A couple low brightness lights will create a nice basement atmosphere but you will need to experiment.

You may also have a leak. And try a -final parameter on VRad using the exert compile tools.

Try a dim light on the ceiling and possibly some other light sources, such as red lights on plug outlets, light from a small TV - be creative and come up with some good alternatives to a simple light on the ceiling. If you have several light sources, try to evenly space them, so there’s similair lighting everywhere, and not just one half of the room is lit up.