Lighting and crosshair issues

Recently I’ve been getting an issue with the crosshair for the toolgun. It seems to apply exclusively to the toolgun, and doesn’t affect either the physgun or weapons.
Whenever I look up to a certain height (using wiremod, it seems about 7 degrees above the horizontal) the crosshair either spazzes out and reappears elsewhere on the screen, or vanishes entirely. This isn’t major, as I have smart-snap, but it’s a bit of a pain.
Some images for comparison:

My second, and much more problematic, issue is to do with prop lighting. It seems that if a prop is static for more than about two seconds it brightens out of proportion with the map. Picture for comparison:

This is a particular pain in the arse as I’m trying to film a machinima, and this just makes it look like shit. It’s only cropped up recently, some time after the latest update. I haven’t added any new addons since.
It only seems to happen on a few maps, such as gm_deepspace and gm_losingbattle, although I have had the same problem in the past on hl2 maps.
I am able to temporarily solve this by welding the prop to another and running around on the second prop. However, this is a bit of pain and something more permanent would be great.

My system specs are thus:
Advent 7105
AMD Sempron 3000+
ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

If need be I’ll list my addons, but there’s rather a lot of them.

Anything? Anyone?

i’ve got the two bugs also i’ve started using smartsnap to get around this problem

Smart snap or not. I don’t like this problem. It needs to be patched. (No wonder Tikal had that lighting problem)

So there’s nothing I can do in the meantime? Removing addons, reinstalling gmod entirely, etc?

First problem is happening to me too.

please fix this its sooo anyoing i cant build