Lighting and skyboxes

When i make a map with a skybox in it and then add env_sun and light_environment, everything works fine. When i make a map with a skybox and lights in a building on the other hand, the ceiling of that building and every other building turns pitch black. any help? the skybox is just the blue skybox texture, not 3d or 2d.

Both were made for tutorials through chat but can work on a forum too I suppose.

This made the map look s3x13r but the ceilings that have lights are still black

It was only one room…

what are you talking about? i have been working on my map permabannedguy so how abou~ nevermind, you thought you could help me and it did but it did not help the problem. so i learned something new from your post but i still need help. there is more than one building and there is a lake in the map now too.