Lighting Bug Help! GMod

Alright i’ve played GMod for a while now and i decided to create a machinima. I was thinking some kind of zombie thing… Anyways I found a map called rp_Stalker_Salvation and I downloaded and installed it into GMod. I got into the map and messed around a bit. I then went to a DarkRP server and the map was dark… It felt like i was playing Episode 1 on low brightness. I was pissed and headed off to another map rp_city_18 and I couldn’t see anything. Most maps i have been to after I downloaded Stalker Salvation have had the same problem. Some like Construct and flatgrass haven’t had that problem. I think the map installed some custom shaders that overrode other Shaders. Anyway I need help badly it’s becoming a real issue. I’ll include some pictures later. And thanks in advance!

Things i’ve tried:
Deleting everything that I installed from the map
Max brightness
low shader detail

What graphics chip do you have in your computer?

Try shutting off your computer and let it sit for five minutes. Your video card could be hot or something…

I use a mac but i’m saving up for a good PC for gaming.
IslandOfGamer, the graphics chip isn’t hot. I’ve had this problem for 2 months now.
BradenFase, I’m looking for my graphics chip model # right now and i’ll get back to you in a while.