Lighting bug, really annoying

Recently installed Gmod again, and the lighting is bugging out. I look around and everything is just flickering. Even if I don’t move the lighting is just everywhere. It only fixes if I have my flashlight on, and the second I turn it off everything is glitching everywhere. It is really hard to see in some places, even with max brightness

Just an example of what is happening. I’ve also disabled and uninstalled all my addons and still no luck.

Thx for anybody who can help :slight_smile:

Have you tried validating files?

Yes I have tried and no luck

I just looked this up and found something that might fix your problem. Another user posted it here on facepunch. Up to you if you wanna use it :P.

Link appears to be broken :frowning:
Just re-installed GMOD and deleted all addons again, this time I deleted the gmod folder in steamapps/common, but still no luck.
Maybe it’s a graphics card problem? I have a MSI R9 390

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A video which shows exactly what is happening
I’m also gonna try download a new driver, see if that helps

Ok man, sry I couldn’t help

The new update fixed this issue :DDDD

Thanks for trying to help


nvm, I restarted GMOD and it’s back again…

Hi I’ve got the same problem but with skybox, if you have Overwolf, try to disable it, or try to disable **HDR
Edit : Solved for me it was **Overwolf!•
Others topic with this problem too :

Omg, you fucking fixed it. It was Overwolf. I can’t thank you enough. :smile::smile::smile: