Lighting fuckup

This map happens to be for CSS, but I get this in a lot of my maps with HDR:

What I’m talking about is the reflections on the hand, or just the over all lighting of the hand. It’s all…well, fucked up.

If anyone has had and fixed/knows how to fix this problem, please tell me.

EDIT: Fixed image

Build cubemaps
(add an env_cubemap in hammer) type in console while ingame “buildcubemaps”
exit CSS and go back in and load up the level

I have a tutorial video somewhere, hang on for that

Got it, make sure to watch ALL of it

Close hammer when you begin to test your map, it messes up cubemaps and what not regardless if you rebuild your cubemaps.

No, you don’t need to do this, my maps work fine with hammer still up.

Danka. This worked. I thought it was something to do with cubemaps (I’m a bit rusty)

Yay, i did a good :neckbeard: