lighting help

why does one light do this

and the other one doesnt?

the light entities are in the exact same place on both lights, as i shift moved them

One you could have the Brightness on the light to high or its to close to the wall

same distance away from ceiling as the other one

copied and pasted the key values for brightness and its still fed up

disable shadows on the props

Also, lower the lightmap scales on those walls. It looks hideous.

Try moving the light and model around on the messed up one individually, when you move them together it makes them off grid and stuff, it may fix it.

That won’t change it. Laptopman had the correct answer.

Because you see, if you look closely, you CAN see the light. its just dimmer. meaning it has a dynamic/non dynamic shadow covering it, obviously because the prop.

Done. Works awesome thanks :smiley:

how would i go about doing this?

also is there a multiquote button on this forum?

Select the faces on the walls, and set the lightmap scale in the material editor box.

8 or so should do.

i did it but i have no idea what it accomplished

so it basically gives it more contrast and sharpens the shadows. cool

AN accurate summary.