Lighting inside model (prop_static)

I just can not understand: is it possible to make lighting from the sun and other light sources penetrate the model only through windows, as if this room was made of brushes.
Ie at the moment the model only gives a shadow under itself and that’s it. It is fully illuminated as something unified, not as a room.
It seems that it is not possible to create a room from the model and you should use the usual mapping for the basic geometry.

I used these options for vrad, but that does not help.
-staticproppolys -textureshadows -staticproplighting

I even pointed $nocull 1 to vmt, all textures used, but that did not help either.

1st screenshot - just a model
2nd screenshot - this same model, but around it is built a brush room.

P.S. - this is Garry’s Mod

this is a prop_static correct? try making sure that it’s ignoring the bumpmap to compute per-vertex lighting. this is inside of the prop_static parameters.

also try using some blocklight brushes inside of the walls of the model to force shadows.

Does your model have normal maps?

I tried to turn on “Ignore surface normal for computing vertex lighting” in the prop_static settings, but it did not give any effect. The model continues to be completely illuminated.
At the moment, the best option for me is to conclude the model in a box of brushes. I just need to port geometry, which is too difficult to create with conventional brushes. I started testing the model.

Yes, my model uses a normal map in the textures.

Normal maps will prevent the model from receiving per-vertex lighting, even when the “Disable Vertex lighting” option is set to No in the entity properties. Instead, the lighting for the entire model will be sampled from its origin, which does not support self-shadowing.

Removing the normal map should allow you to use per-vertex lighting, but it could still end up looking bad unless you’ve subdivided the model a lot. It might be better to place an info_lighting in a dark place and use that as the prop_static’s lighting origin.

Frankly, it is more advantageous for me to use brushes in cases, here with such komnotami. In other cases I will do a box around.