Lighting Issues in Half-Life 2 maps

Hello. I’ve had Garry’s Mod for a couple of years, and this is the first time I bump into such an odd glitch.

I loaded up a Half-Life 2 map to see what scenarios I could use for some shots, and I was surprised to find that the game’s lighting is completely screwed. There’s no lighting whatsoever. Check this shot from Nova Prospekt to see what I mean:

This isn’t the only map not working - other Half-Life 2 maps don’t work, either. I checked Half-Life 2 and it works perfectly, so it’s really weird. Is it just my case, or is it generalized? Anyone know how to fix it?

Here’s some data on my computer: I’ve got Windows XP, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5500, and a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300. If you need any more info, let me know.


I tried that, but the game said it was an unknown command. I researched on Valve Developers Community, and it referred to a “mat_fullbright” command.

Tried setting it to 0, nothing. Tried setting it to 1, nothing either. Tried restarting the map after inputting each of the commands, nothing.

Any other suggestions? :confused:

Are you using an old (pre-retail) version of Gmod?

You see, last year Valve updated a handful of HL2 maps to the Orange Box engine. So when these maps are run in earlier versions of the engine, they have broken lighting and cubemaps. Retail Gmod does not have this problem since it’s using the Orange Box engine these maps were rebuilt for.

I’m using retail Garry’s Mod. I know about the Orange Box engine, I figured it might have been due to that, but Half-Life 2 is running well and this problem is very recent. I’d tried the maps a couple of months ago, after the update, and they worked well.

I’ve had this exact problem. At first I thought it was just a matter of restarting steam and gmod but now I see it persists.

I need an answer ASAP too :frowning:

It’s mat_fullbright 0

Like I said, that doesn’t work.

I’m sorry for the double post, but I really need some more suggestions. I think Jim_Riley would appreciate them, too. Anything?

For one, you’re using a (very) out of date laptop. Second, Gmod has never played well with laptops, and with each engine upgrade comes bigger system requirements.
Ideally you should seek to upgrade in the long term. Short term? Not sure.

I know it’s outdated, but it still runs Half-Life 2 perfectly. I really only need it for Garry’s Mod, Photoshop (both for comic making), and college work, so, as long as it runs those well, I’m fine with it. Of course, now I have to consider this weird glitch.
What’s ironic is that I’ve been checking my recent GMod screenshots, and I didn’t have this problem less than a week before it happened. What the hell?

Exactly! I was messing around on one of the Canal maps no more than a week ago. Now suddenly this comes up.

Was there a recent update or something? This is starting to get annoying and for someone who likes to at least try to finish crap that he has started (comics), I NEED to get the HL2 maps working properly.

I can’t believe it’s just Mythos and I having this problem, there HAS to be more people out there with this. Help is needed. Much appreciated.

I have that issue too. It’s not happening only in Garry’s Mod, it happens in HL2 as well, because Valve apparently compiled some of the maps with HDR lighting info only. That means that you have to turn HDR on in your graphics settings if you want to have proper lighting on those maps. I know that sucks if you don’t have a good computer, but I’m not sure we can do anything about this. Maybe send a mail to Valve?

Killburn’s theory works. I remember I had turned off my HDR because of a Super Depth of Field problem before. It would appear that I might as well deal with the SDoF problem instead of dealing with a lack of ambient lights.

Thanks Killburn. It helped me out. It should help Mythos out too.

That makes perfect sense! I turned off HDR a while ago because it was making gm_construct look too much bloomy. I’m gonna go try turning it on.

EDIT: Yep, it worked! Thanks a lot, Killburn. =) I’m not sure what I can do to thank you other than give you an Informative rating - but hey, it’s not much (it’s nothing, really, seeing as people don’t care much about my content), but, when I make a new comic using Half-Life 2 maps, I’ll be sure to add a “Special Thanks” for you.