Lighting map challenge.

Ok your aim is to create an indoor based map that does not have any skybox usage at all

The rules:

1)No Light_Environments
2)No Light entities
3)You may use any other lights other than the two listed
4)No Skyboxs
5)Any size
6)Any theme
7)Has to be inside [So no outside parts]

So thats it.
You can post development pictures here of what your doing.
and the deadline i’d say is 3 weeks (from now).

So we’re supposed to make a fullbright piece of shit. And yet your thread title says Lighting map challange.


I think by “Light entities” he means the entity called “light”.

Light_spots, light_dynamics, texture lights and other stuff would still be allowed.

However, this is still a really weird idea for a mapping competition.

Why do people keep making more and more mapping competitions/challenges? This is getting ridiculous.

Dude we need Light_envernment for all the lights to work if theres no skybox then light_envernment doesnt give off light cause it comes from the skybox

This is a horrible Idea you know that? Too many competitions, actually let people finish the other competitions before you make a newer competition.