Lighting problem with custom static props

I’ve been working on a CS:GO Competitive map for a while now, and I have a HUGE problem: the lighting, as always.
I did all the 3d models in it (except for the ones that were already in hammer ofc) and it looks like shit, take a look: (no problem with the cranes here, they just have no textures yet)

It’s way too dark, and some are shaded when it shouldn’t be.

I tried to put some point lights, info_lighting, &ambientboost, … can’t manage to find any solution so I come to you guys.
Maybe I have to check something in WallWorm ? or add some normal maps to my textures ? Just guessing…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you compiling with -final and -staticproppolys and -staticproplighting?

Yes I forgot to mention that.
I always do the Full Compile in expert mod