Lighting Problem

Hi I just started mapping a few (very few) day ago and i have been on tutorials lokking into varios matters and trying to learm more and suddently i got this glitch and i tried looking it up but i couldnt get anything , Anybody has any ideas whats causing this ?

when i select team and walk around its fine so i wasnt very troubled

but i decided to try the flashlight and every time i aim it to a prop and stuff it happens again:

Any body knows whats the problem i would be very apreciated
Thanks for reading :v:

You know, it’s usually better to wait more than less than a single day before re-posting your question in it’s own thread after having already posted it in the Question Megathread. Especially since you’ve already received a response in the question mega-thread.

Showing that much impatience just makes people want to help you less, to be bluntly honest.

Hmm, that is an interesting lighting problem. Maybe you have a leak in your map? Since you said you are a beginner mapper it’s possible there is a leak. that’s all i got for now. you can PM me your .vmf file and i could attempt to find the issue and fix it for you

-brerben out

This is caused by the texture having a $model flag in it’s .vmt. Try using another texture, or extracting it from CS:S and remaking it without the $model as a custom texture. Also, remember to make it LightmappedGeneric as well.

Gamershaze: I wasnt aware i had a reply also i am sorry i havent saw it ( i am also new in the forums) iwas chenking like each half an hour and scince it had alot other people questioned and had replied for it i though i was going to get forgotten i didint meant to be so impatience.

brerben:thnaks ill pm then

TFlippy:“Also, remember to make it LightmapperGeneric as well.” i dont know i how to make it lightmappergeneric Can you tell me how you do it?

Whats the name of the texture on that wall?

cs_havana/dustteeth i was lokking for the texture of the dust walls and this looked close enough but i am begining to think this texture is not for walls

Blehh, I meant LightmappedGeneric. Stupid fingers.

Well, it’s the first line in your .VMT that sets type of your texture. Such as if it’s lightmapped, lit by vertices, functions as a water texture and more.

That texture isn’t in materials/models/. :o
Strange. Try using a different texture for the wall and see how it turns out.

By the way your APC tires are on backwards!

Well i changed the texture and the funny thing is its exactly the same texture just with a different name and it seems to be fixed Thanks for the support

i also fixed the tires thx for the warning didint knew how the original apc looked like , took me 10 minutes to find the apc in a vannila map

also Call me very noob but i cant seem to find the vmt file and ho wto make sure is lighmappedgeneric and i am would realy liked to know how to do it since it coulçd help me in the long run

Here’s a tutorial about the texture files. :stuck_out_tongue: