Lighting problem.

Does anyone know why this happens? :confused: And if there’s a workaround?
(Apologies for gigantic snapshot)

This happens to me on other maps I’m working on too, no matter what lightmap resolution I apply to the surface or whether it’s smoothed or not. It usually occurs on smoothed surfaces (I assume that the compiler automatically smooths displacements), which is the key thing.
Happens without any leaks or compile errors, just a clean log. Rooms, building sides, and pretty much the tallest mountains. Any ideas? (And thanks in advance)

How was this geometry created?

Which lightmap resolution are you using? I’ve heard 4 gets the best result.

It looks kinda cool though

I found a heightmap (from Crysis, of all places :D) and exported to VMF using “Dispgen”. After that I opened it and just changed it to my liking, heightened it, et cetera. Was fun. :slight_smile:

I used 64 for this particular screenshot (yeah I know xP), although I’ve used 32 and 16 as well and they both didn’t fix this. And unfortunately I’m not going to even choose 8, it’s not what I’d ever use for a large surface area (file size), although I could test that out tomorrow.


True, true, volcanic-burn style :wink: [Iceland, anyone?]

Make sure the displacements aren’t going into the skybox brush.

Also, try splitting up your displacements using clip and smoothing them out more. It looks very pointy.

This reply sounds stupid
Check if your light_environment doesn’t have angles to the sky, I had something like that and I had shadows on roof and high parts of my map were black

The skybox is pretty high above the mountains here, perhaps I should even try lowering the whole level :o that’s a thought.
Thanks for the tip on brushing up on the displacements (no pun intended), I’ll do that. C:

EDIT: Fixed! Don’t know why, but lowering it on the grid helped a lot.