Lighting problem

I tried to make that static props that are in shadow aren’t bright.
To do so I put -StaticPropPolys into light_exe while compiling.
The result is that static props now cast shadow on ground but it’s still same awful look.
Is that cause I compiled without HDR and in Fast Mode ?

Why are you making threads over this stuff, post in the sticky.

you want to compile with -TextureShadows with your -StaticPropPolys

I swear firegod you say the same thing in every thread…

maybe he doesn’t want to post in the sticky because almost no one ever looks there?
I know I don’t, and furthermore, if someone had a similar problem to the OP’s, they wouldn’t have to search through the countless pages of the sticky. Having a thread that pertains to 1 problem is much more organized and practical, and much more helpful to the OP.

To answer your question, OP, place an info_lighting entity under the shadow that the house is casting and give it a name, then go to the tree’s properties and set the “Lighting Origin” field to the name of that info_lighting.

Prop_static’s are lit from wherever their origin is. It appears that the tree’s origin is not under that big shadow, so the whole tree appears bright.

Before I finish, I want to tell you that the parameters -StaticPropPolys and -TextureShadows do not affect the lighting of the prop, but rather the lightmap shadows that it casts.

:smile: I read the sticky, and answer questions in there. Thats because that is where they belong, you don’t have to read up on all the pages to post a question.

Hes compiling with -staticproppolys by the looks of the screenie, so he needs a compile with -textureshadows.


Hes also compiling fast, which is also not good.

Agree with Firegod, there’s a reason there’s a thread stickied called the “Question Megathread” there’s also a reason why this forum is called the Mapping Section, not the Mapping Help Section.

Doesn’t work, no changes.

And what do you think Mapping section is for ? If that’s not for questions and help then why isn’t there just request and releases section ?

The main section is for WIP’s. I mean honestly.

We should have a help section sub forum.

Try compiling with -final too.

I tried with -final HDR