Lighting problems in hammer edition NEED FAST HELP!

So i made a map, which had lights working properly. After that i added couple of new props, and light started to bug like this:

After i deleted all the lightings (sun), the map looked like this:

What could cause the problem?

Make sure you’re compiling with HDR and you need a sun/light_environment

Done it, doesn’t help. Tried to delete the light_env, and test the shadows without natural lights. It should work like that, right? but it doesn’t. Also i tried to change my 3d skybox to 2d, but it didnt help.

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Please guys, if you got any ideas, please tell it to me :(.

Try to add water.

That advice is useful as a fist full of nothing.


Cuz it works for me.

Similar thing happened to me when I applied a prop texture on a brush, make sure you don’t have those.

Enough already…

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Yay it works now, Thx.