Lighting Problems on alot of maps?

The best example is the tunnel area infested with Zombies. The map is really bright and I don’t really know why, since this never happend before.

If there was something I missed that was explained that this may happen on one of the updates or I may have used the wrong command, what would that be?

If there is a fix going on about this, then ignore this thread, I guess.

This looks like an issue related to the Graphics Processing Unit, got any GPU specs? Also, don’t forget to update your drivers.

Would it help if I mention that this problem doesn’t occur on the original game?

On the original Half Life 2 game, all the dark spots are there. But in Gmod, it is full on brightness. Maybe the Graphics settings on Gmod is off track? If so, I would like to know which one instead of screwing with all of them.

Gmod lighting being different from hl2 lighting seems like an unreasonable assumption considering it’s the exact same map, granted; Gmod also uses the new source engine from hl2:ep2, where hl2 of course, does not. This could be a possibility, but unlikely, as again the map is still the same. I don’t even know where to begin telling you to change settings, for source games haven’t really ever had independent gamma and saturation settings etc. Just brightness.

If you have bloom on, try turning that off and see if it helps, apparently bloom in source games pushes the brightness factor a bit.

I never have bloom on, so it could be the engine. I am not sure if everyone else is having the same problem or it is just me.

If you want to see for yourself and test it, try going to d2_prison_03. Perfect example of lighting problems. If it is the engine that is causing this, then I will just leave this thread alone. No reason to rush any one or even ask them to fix this if it has to deal with the engine.