Lighting Problems

I understand a lot of people have lighting problems but i searched up to page 6 when searching for a solution. The lighting on my map looks terrible, I’m using light_spots to illuminate the map (ww1 style trenches) and the light cast by a search light looks great but there is this long black shadow along the edge of 2 blocks. What could i do to fix this? Here are some pictures, oh and this map is just started so i haven’t really done much work except for the trenches so please don’t flame map.

As you can see the shadows being cast look terrible, what can i do to fix them?
PS. the bodys in the trench were from a test to see how effective it was, they owned the enemies so i blasted them, just in case anyone was wondering


change lightmap scale, and/or make it one big brush.

Compile on full, with the -final command line

if those are displacements, make sure you have not selected the undersides to be displacements as well.

I don’t know about the undersides, but i did change the Light Map scale to 16, from 32. I will try the compile on Full, thanks for all the help


Ok i fixed it! I had accidently made the sides displacements, so i fixed it and it looks great, plus the trench works amazing