Lighting Problems.

I’m working on an RP map based off of Portal, and so far I have three buildings. the problem I’m running into is that one of the buildings had a Ferry terminal under the building, but whenever I compiled the map after I built it in, the lighting got screwed up. (I’ll post some pictures to show you what I mean later, I’m on someone else’s computer) Rooms and places that had good lighting now have way too many shadows and some of the glass materials from portal I used go invisible, yet are still there.

I think it has something to do with the light_environment and the size of the map, but I’m not sure.

I haven’t found any threads (recently at least when I searched for it) that have either the same problem, or something close. Can someone shed some light on my lighting problem? It would be appreciated.

If the shadows are of props and such, you have issues with your dynamic shadows. Use a shadow_control entity to alter the shadows, or turn them off altogether.