lighting/texture spazzing out

every time i log in my lighting/textures start to spazz out, i would put a screen shot in here but i dont know how

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found a video with the same problem

I’ve heard people saying that the problem is on AMD Cards, Wich card do you have? -I Have same looking problems with AMD Radeon 7970.

AMD 7000 series have problems with this. Not sure of a fix yet. It really needs to be fixed.

I have a 7970 and have the same issue :frowning:
I was hoping I could fix it with some settings

Same problem over here. AMD 7950 Boost. Please fix this I am very pleased with the game itself. But god… This bug… The longer you stay the worst it gets.

ZZZZZZZzzzzzz. There’s already a fix for this for 90% of people who have this problem.

Use the fucking search function you lazy twats.

Well thats super helpful. Ur a super huge help bud. Not only is the search function here absolutely terrible, but seeing as though i havent seen any solid fixes on the forums in the last few days i havent a clue what to search. So thanks.

But seriously, use the search function. I found this in 30 seconds by searching on the word “glitch” and ignoring threads that obviously had nothing to do with it.