Lighting with a moving brush (L4D2)

In the map I’m making, I have this brush that come out of ground, it’s a Func_Elevator, even though nothing rides on it. Anyway, once it reaches its destination, I want some light_spot’s to shine on certain parts.

Problem is that none lights will show up on the brush. When they turn on, the brush doesn’t change color at all.

So, how can I fix this? Since the brush isn’t meant to be ridden upon, is there something else I’m supposed to use?

Just a suggestion, but try a func_movelinear

I’ll try that.

Also I forgot to mention that there are props attached to this.

Parented or by constraints?


This does not seem to be of any problem though, that func_movelinear work much better anyways, and the props are following it.
But still the light problem still exist.

See I’m not really an experienced mapper like some of the other guys here, I merely dabble, but have you checked the flags of the func_movelinear or the func_elevator, or even in the settings, there might be one about casting shadows or receiving lighting. Give it a go, let me know.

Sorry I can’t be much help :xd:


At least I helped with making it move better :v:

Lol, thank you for making it move better.

I’m going to bed but I’ll check later to see if anyone else knows what to do here.

You would need to create the elevator in it’s end position, compile with the light turned on and then using a logic_auto move the elevator down and turn the light off. VRad can’t magically generate stuff for you ingame :P.

He’s talking about when you see a light spot on the object I would of thought that the Source engine was capable of making a lightring on an object ingame? :wtf:

I want the brush to rise from the ground, stop, then a light be permanently shined on it for the rest of the game, or at least until you die then everything restarts.

Yeah, not in real time unless you use the shitty dynamic light entity which could be laggy and doesn’t look nearly as nice as baked lighting.

My god source is annoying, what about if he used an env_projectedtexture on it, could that work?

That’s what I meant about dynamic, it’d work but it would look and probably lag (for most people) like shit.

Nah, env_projectedtexture doesn’t whore up to much CPU or GPU…


Give env_projectedtexture a go instead of light_spot dippeggs

Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure if you have more than one it’ll lag like crazy (so that means you don’t wanna be using it seen as your flashlight is the “one”.)

It really doesn’t, well for me anyways, well, we’ll see what happens after he gives it a go :v:

Didn’t think you could have more than one. Certainly in OB placing one screws up the flashlight and it can cause massive fps hits if not used carefully.

Oh yeah, just remembered this, same as the erm, mirror entity thing.

func_reflective_glass, you can only have one of them per PVS though.

That’s the one, plus you can’t see your player model in Episode 2 can you? (or any Half Life game for that matter)