Lightmap Scale Not Changing (Source SDK)

Okay, I was changing the lightmap scale on the WHOLE map, (So the map would run faster. (In SDK)) to about 99 (Max). I tried changing it back to 03, and it doesn’t work. The number on the lightmap scale will go to 10 for some reason and it renders as a very high number. (Probably 99)

Please help.

99 isn’t the max, lightmap scales can go into 3 figures, it just doesn’t fit in the box.
You probably have displacements in your map, which have a minimum lightmap scale you can set to dependant on size and shape.
I don’t recommend setting every face in your map to scale 3, you will be there for weeks waiting for the compile if your map is of any real size.

You can’t have lighmap scales on an unequal power, it can only be by the power of 2.

Ex. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 etc.

The most common lightmap scales are used just like the hammer grid, 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 etc.

I know it’s unrelated, but why does the hammer grid use binary numbers?

This is a myth, try it yourself and see.



I have tried it and it defaults to 16. :geno:


Only the power of 2 works for me, on all source games.

OB engine, set it to 7, saved it, opened the vmf in notepad, still 7 in there.

I never said I was only using the ep1 engine. Also set it too 1 and compile, if the shadow appears to be at 16, I’m right, If it appears to be at 1, you have me convinced. Though I’m not sure I can trust you with a simple screenshot…

Well if you’re going to be like that, then fine.

Well aren’t you able to record a video? :confused:
I simply want full and total proof you are compiling the map with lightmap scale 1 and that it is really working, then you will have my full cooperation. :downs:

You can trust him, God. It’s just lightmaps, Jesus.

Stop referring to religious crap, and he said that it was a myth and it could be set too any power, and to try it, I did and therefore it defaulted to 16, so I wanted to see if he was really doing it. So rated bad reading for you.

-snip, not interested in the info-

Well i’ve only been at it for about two (discounting goldsrc) so you have me convinced. :tiphat: