Lightning Farron Casual Meshmod

Here’s a quick port I made last weekend

(description from Workshop because I’m that lazy)

This was a mesh-mod from Xnalara I found sometime ago, very quick port, few face flexes, may add more in the future.

Fully poseable and shit, physics on jacket, you can pose her hair and other things with Joint Tool.




Square Enix - For dem models;
Me - Porting and re-rigging the model (Skin got fucked on max for some reason)
Keichama - Mesh-modding and rigging (?)


I think you forgot the link man…


There is it… This will be nice to try out, looks good

Yeah, it’s there now.

Excelent, i love thi girl

If you post the source files, I can improve the facial flexes with assets that Squiddy has made in the past for Lightning.

Okay here you go:

The textures were a complete nightmare of a mess, trololguy you have a lot to learn.

For instance, not every fucking vtf file needs a vmt file. And that specular maps go into the alpha channel of the bumps, almost nothing had specular. And the $detail you had in most vmts wasn’t doing anything since you didn’t have a full line. And that you had skin detail applied to clothing.

I can go on and on, but I figured I wanted to still post this here.

I always forget to clean up my shit, porting speaking I mean xD also I know that not every fucking vtf needs a vmt, but their size is so minimal that I don’t care about deleting, but not all of my ports are like that.