Lightning Help

hey i’m trying to make a desert map but heres my result about the lightning, if someone could fix this, plz reply and i’ll pm u the vmf file tnx:

I would avoid the whole storm and lightning if you want to make a desert map.

so ur suggesting not to put any lighning?

Basically. It’s way too complex to set up anyway. Precise triggers and stuff that eat into entdata.

desert needs to be flatter.

looks like you have the undersides of the brushes set as displacements. Select all your displacements, then in the face edit sheet, ctrl-select the top faces of your displacements, then in the displacement tab, press “destroy” That should get rid of all the displacements you accidentally created between and underneath your actual displacements.

hey, help me.

sorry for the nOOb question but, whats the face edit sheet? is that the Texture Application?

screens are appreciated tnx

and another error from Compiling Process, what’s “Found a displacement edge abutting multiple other edges.”

yeah, the compile error confirms that your issue is what I suggested.

Face Edit Sheet is the texture application window that pops up, I just use that name because that’s the title of the window :v:

You basically want to select everything in selection,
deselect the top faces in the texture application window (the ones you want as a displacement)
then in the displacement tab of the window, press destroy.

oh, got it but the problem is, when i’m gonna make the box, i set the heigt to 0, so how do i select the bottom? when i’m in game the face is 3d and i can see the texture in the bottom of the map, so do i need to redo? how can i make 2d planes?

wait what?

so did you make zero-height brush for your displacement or are you planning on doing that?

If you are planning on doing that, don’t. Just select the top faces before pressing “Create” in order to create a single-sided displacement.

sorry for the bad arrangement of my bad english grammar :frowning: just nvm that

what i mean was i tried to make a single-sided brush but its still 3d

@map, i redo all the desplacements and it works, i selected just the top faces and it became single-sided face, tnx!! really appreciated…

How about no.

It takes a few entities, you have 4096 of them to fuck with.

“It takes too many entities people with pentium 2’s won’t be able to play it” is not an excuse for making a shitty undetailed map.