LightRP 2 - yee boi

Yes! For some reason I started making this because I don’t like how DarkRP is made. LightRP 2 will have basically have the same stuff that DarkRP has, but with my style. Yes it will be released when it’s play-able. No I haven’t stopped working on Dusk.


  • Supports CPPI - Use any prop protection that supports CPPI!
  • Simple HUD - Just a simple HUD that displays the required things.

Voting ui

Class/Job tab

Ownable doors



Config tab - Real-time settings.

assembla link:

Is this based off DarkRP?

It would be hilarious if it is: DarkRP is based on LightRP and LightRP is based on DarkRP.
If it’s not based on DarkRP, change the base just for this cycle to exist.

Ah now the pictures have loaded.
Doesn’t look like it’s based on DarkRP. Such a shame. :v:
Nice work anyway.

Why would I base it on darkrp, it’ll have similar functions and that shit like darkrp, but it’s not literary using darkrp as base.

the svn is here if you wanna check code:
Not really much to do in it yet as i’ve not finished all of it. I did this gamemode in 3 days lol.

Nice tabs.

Please don’t call it LightRP. You’re ruining a good old name.
LightRP used to be a light roleplaying gamemode that focused around ROLEPLAY (Citizen and CP only IIRC) and not Gun Dealers or Gangsters or all that deathmatch crap.

you can always comment out gun dealer and that darkrp shit if you want.

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you know what, i’m just going to make the darkrp settings a seperate config file that you can just easily not include so that this doesn’t come as a darkrp default.

Pretty dick move if you to called it ‘LightRP 2’. Where’s DarkCybo when you need him.

Fuck why is the GUI so small. You’re talking the whole center of the screen anyway, might as well just take a whole side or the whole of it, make it take more of the screen.



I agree with FNox, the VGUI is really small. You should make it bigger. Other than it being so incredibly small, it does look pretty good. However, could you please get rid of that voting system? Everyone has always hated the DarkRP voting system, due to it being so unreliable and silly. It’d be much better with some permaflag system of sorts.

sorry, ‘make it bigger’ tells me nothing, I have no idea what you mean by that

How does that tell you nothing? Okay, let me break it down to you as much as humanly possible:
The menus in your screenshots are far too tiny in size, and you should increase their size so that they would look much better. Why did you make them so small to begin with?

Keywords, just in case you have trouble reading paragraphs of text:
The menus. In your screenshots. Too small. Needs to be bigger.

they don’t look too small for me, it’s a pretty good medium size imo.

It’s entirely up to you, but me and four other people seem to disagree.

Maybe you should just make the menus take up the entire screen.

I think this looks great.

This looks really nice Chewgum, it’s refreshing to see code that hasn’t been recycled and used like a dirty little whore for years.

I think it’s great; keep up the good work.

I think the VGUI looks good, keep it up Chewgum.

Everything looks too small in comparison to the health box, maybe making the health box more to size would be nice.

I also think that if you’re going to make a sequel to another gamemode, that you would expand upon it rather than remake it. If you don’t like there being too many jobs, make each class individual and with much purpose, for example, make cooks actually able to craft their food. Maybe make it so the food they can make will give you certain benefits. Give people a reason to be a cop, like maybe they can gain money from destroying printers and other illegal items, give gangsters different ways of gaining money other than dicking around and sitting with their printers. Give us something special, not just a lightRP remake that will serve the same purpose as an already dead gamemode.