Lights broken water shows through world

Recently i have been working on revamping rp_downtown_v4c, an old map, and combining v4c_v2 and v4c_v2c_cfg_v7b map elements to make the ultimate downtown map. My only real issue at this point is that the lights in most rooms do not illuminate things. Most of them are env_sprite and they seem to not be there once i compile the map. And not only that, water on the map shows through the world, see images below.
Basically this makes the map really dark, water makes a visable hole in the world as it for some reason draws through the world.

Water issue:

Lighting issue:

Compile log:


compiled bsp (some other problems i know about, focus on the water and lighting):

any help would greatly be appreciated!

This has happened to me; is there an env_cubemap attached to the water? Also, sometimes if the water shape overlaps other shapes it will do that. Try having like a 1 inch gap between the water and the container of the water.

The problem with the light might be solved by using a regular “light” instead of a “light_dynamic” because dynamic ones only show through one direction, much like the lamps from the tool menu on gmod. I could be wrong, though.


You have a leak in the map.

Wait did you actually find one.

There has to be a leak in the map, the way that the light is being sucked out of the room in that second picture, I’m almost certain that’s what it is.

Just load the pointfile from ‘Map’ and see where the leak is.

alright give me a moment.

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im not getting a pointfile, i know its usually in the directory where it was compiled but this time there is none.

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Could you maybe try compiling it and see if you get one because after running it i did not.

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i recompiled and here is log

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but still no pointfile loadable.

You ran into the portalclusters limit

Probably need to make some stuff func_detail and do some func_viscluster optimization.

So that is the reason for the water and lighting?


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Try func_detailing stuff that doesn’t need to cut visleafs.

Just out of curiosity, how long was this map taking to compile?

well on full hdr like 15 min, on final hdr like 30 min

even when i delete 99% of map and compile it still has issue. Can anyone try it in their hammer.

“light has _fifty_percent_distance of 67.000000 but _zero_percent_distance of 40.000000
light has _fifty_percent_distance of 67.000000 but _zero_percent_distance of 40.000000
light has _fifty_percent_distance of 67.000000 but _zero_percent_distance of 40.000000
light has _fifty_percent_distance of 67.000000 but _zero_percent_distance of 40.000000
light has _fifty_percent_distance of 67.000000 but _zero_percent_distance of 40.000000”

Maybe fix those and see if it fixes the lighting error

nm ive dropped this map and am making a cleaner one, hopefully.