Lights Colliding?

Having a slight problem, my lights seem to “collide” or they could be shadows, I have my env_light pointed straight down so it shouldn’t be. Any ideas?

Can they be turned on and off individually? If yes, did you get the “too many light styles” error?

Also Mapping Question Megathread:

Hmmm it’s been a while since I used hammer effectively. But don’t brushes have a limit on how many different lights can hit them before they begin artifacting?

If this is the case (though I’m not sure) OP try splitting the brush into several pieces.

I think this is the issue because hiding the cylinders makes the lights perform normally.

I think this is because your cylinders are in fact brushes and are not func_details. This makes hammer slice floor into many pieces, which are treated differently by VRAD, causing this effect.