Lights leaving huge glow spots on walls

How do I prevent this? It really bothers me the way when I have any light near a wall, it leaves a huge glowing spot.

Try lowering the 50% falloff distance and moving the light slightly away from the wall.

use light_spots

and lights, but lower strength and don’t put them at the wall, maybe a few inches out from it

Have the light further away from the wall, instead of touching it. Decompile a HL2 Map. Look at it. Most of the lights are not from light sources, or anything like that. Infact, a lot of them are randomly floating in mid air.

thats because decompiling isn’t perfect.
it screwes things up.
go into hl2.
is there any random spheres of light?

Decompiling screws up brushwork, not entity placement.
There are lights just randomly hanging around, but that’s because VRAD isn’t perfect and to get the most realistic lighting you do sometimes need to correct overly dark areas with low power lights.