Lights with parents?

Hello Dear Facepunch! I need you to help me with just one thing, I need to make a light that hangs with an object (much like the lamps in Garrys Mod, the light goes to where you point them.)

What i have done so far is: I made a prop_physics with the model of a desk lamp and I tried to put a light_spot in the lamp, so it would shine out of the bulb, but that wont work as the light_spot has no parent option, I’ve also tried a few others but gotten none of them to work, so please Facepunch, help me with this!


The gmod lamps use:

But you should use light_dynamic

Thanks guys! Worked like a charm!

I tried light dynamic and it didn’t work, does it matter that I parented it to a brush parented toa rotating cylynder?