after many attempts I managed to put the lights but now the problem is that only light up when they are in the dark. how do I make sure that even under other lights illuminate? and then you can increase the intensity?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that. You can make lights appear to light up in the dark with selfillum or detail mode 5, but that’s about it. Most engines use these emissive shaders to keep the lights glowing in the dark and to add fancy bloom effects but those lights aren’t actually cast on to objects and such. In Source, the “emissive shaders” pretty much do nothing but make portions of the texture fullbright, but you can use detail mode 5 over selfillum if you wanted to cheat the effect using painted textures.

In other words, you can make a texture light up, but not cast lights onto other objects – you’d have to create lights via lua for that which isn’t exactly efficient if it’s for anything other than a single light or something. The most you can do is make it appear to be casting light on itself by painting light into those areas on the texture.

excuse can not be applied in the lights as weapons in first person? for example when I use the physical gun in gmod the light there!

I think he means a sprite?

I’m not sure. If you do mean sprites ie the 2d light effect at the end of the gun, you can probably add that with lua or attach it as a cheap particle (though particles have some odd effects on models that are rendered on a client such as playermodels). If you mean the way it appears to cast light on itself, that’s the same thing I stated above about it being painted in to the texture. Lastly, if you mean the slight pulsating effect it has, you can use a sine proxy with selfillumtint or detail blend depending on how you use the illumination texture. You can reference the error model’s material to reference for this if you’d prefer not to use the wiki.