Lightsaber addon by rubat problems

Hi, so im starting a star wars rp server and im having trouble adding the lightsaber mod, im using filezilla and putting it in the addons folder for the server, most addons work but this dosent, im also having problems with the Mass effect 2 props please help it would be greatly appretiated, thanks

You have to be more descriptive than that – are you getting any errors?

well it just wont work when i put it in the addons folder, but i get alot of this messages in the server console
!! logic_timer(datime,RefireTime) doesn’t match type from logic_timer(datime)
!! ERROR: bad input/output link:

Are you using the workshop version?

If so, why not just use the .gma file?

Those error messages look like they are caused by the map, not by my lightsabers mod.

Can you paste a full startup log in