LightWeight Base

I hereby announce a WIP weapon base: “LightWeigth Base” for Garry’s Mod.

Main developer: Blargh123

Main features (until now - still a WIP!):

  • sprinting
  • dynamic crosshair and recoil
  • world models
  • hit crosshair (like in MW2)
  • ability to shoot through light covers
  • sniper rifles have been dealt with (no aiming while running, must unzoom to pull the bolt after shot)
  • fire mode selection
  • ability to put on silencer on skins that have silencer animations
  • support for empty reload, first draw and separate hip-fire and ads shoot animations
  • different clip empty sounds for pistols/rifles
  • quick-knife and quick-nade support


  • attachment system is still in development
  • more features will (probably) be added until release

Presentation video:

-Blargh123 (main lua coder)

-adding more skins (constant)
-fixed muzzleflash
-added c4, claymores and airstrikes
-redesigned shooting
-added heartbeat sensor

Hm. You should make so on reload, if you have x bullets in the mag., you loose them (until its like, you insert just new buttets -> like some old carabines).
Have fun coding.

You spelt ‘weight’ wrong.

The sounds from the gun fire sound a bit out of place

Might be because of fraps…

I think the recoil is a bit to high.

This is a weapon base, not a skin, recoil is set for every skin separately and can be any value, you can choose how much recoil there will be with SWEP.Primary.Recoil = 1.2 or 1.5 or …

To fix muzzleflashes you can do SWEP.CSMuzzleFlashes=true

Thanks! I was considering making a lua effect for that but I guess you just saved me the trouble.

To clarify, the whole world models thing means that you can pull world models directly from CS:S and use them without ending up with crotch models. You’ll need to tweak the position/angle offset slightly, but it works. No recompiling needed.

Any criticism is really appreciated, keep it comin’!
Thanks to Jinx786 for the presentation. :tiphat:

Just wondering, how would some weapon’s have first draw animations, since some only have 1 animation. Same for reloads.

Like practically everything else in this base, this can be disabled with a quick variable change.

So I was just messing around with derma, and ended up with this:

Very early WIP, of course. The way I’ve see it, you will be able to spawn with just the weapons in your loadout if you enable it, and pick and choose through the loadout menu pictured here. That part IS working, but kinda limited, as you can see above. I’m trying to make the function accept a table so that it’s easier to add new entries.

Thoughts/criticism? :v:

The derma looks pretty good so far, And I defiantly like the way you are going with it, aswell as the base in its self, so far, so good!

Ah man, this is freaking AWESOME. You should add entity bullets though, for like bullet drop and stuff :3

I was actually thinking about doing this, but the favored method of doing this was virtually 100% thought up by teta_bonita with his rg_base and accusations of “copying GDCW” would fly like nothing you’ve ever seen. I’ll think it over.

On another note, the loadout system is almost completely finished, complete with weapon categories (Assault Rifles, LMG, etc),and it’s really easy to add new weapons to the list.

Some (sorta) new stuff:

Updated loadout menu, categories, attachments. Images courtesy of the CoD wiki (I still say the Official TF2 Wiki is better-managed.).
Using two viewmodels. The good news is that shoot animations don’t interfere with each other. The downside is that you now have four hands when reloading. :v:

img_thumb doesn’t seem to work. :frown:

Garry made it so that you cant use img_thumb outside quote tags. He also removed media tags, annoyingly.

Maybe make the viewmodels get lowered out of view when reloading, like old FPSes had before animations for reloading became the norm.

Sorta what i was thinking, but frankly I’d rather have an animator’s help because I want reloading to be independent (If you reload and one gun is full, you should be able to fire that one while the first one reloads.) and I don’t think that **[SWEP.GetViewModelPosition](** distinguishes between the two viewmodels.

That is to say, I’m not sure I can just have one viewmodel move off the screen without an animator’s help, though I’m likely wrong. :v:

Offtopic: Okay, I really miss media tags and I don’t like the fact that everyone knows what OS I’m stuck with/what browser I use.

Actually, while I’m at it, I might as well discuss what I’ve changed since the video up there was made.

  • Revamped the world model script, It’s loads more efficient and less buggy now. It even looks better because I’m not constantly creating and removing entities every time a player switches weapons (The hell was I thinking when I wrote that code?).
  • Changed wall-smoke color from black to a less obnoxious light gray.
  • Damage fall-off at range. I forget what at distances exactly, but after some distance, damage will begin to fall to 75% of what it was (after applying semi-random damage spread).
  • Quick-grenades can now be cooked. Eh.
  • Players move more quickly while carrying lighter weapons, and more slowly with heavier ones.
  • While ironsighted or scoped, move speed is slashed in half.
  • Doubled distance between crosshairs, reworked dynamic accuracy a little (boring and simple math).
  • Moved shotguns to their own base, with their own accuracy system. Spread is constant no matter what, but shots will be off-center depending on the player’s actions.

Probably some more stuff I forgot.

Looks like MW2 tbh, but good job.

I’m probably the only person who wants/likes this… Add melee functions. No, not magical knife… I mean butting, and bayonets.