Lightweight DarkRP HUD

Made yet another DarkRP HUD, that’s available upon request if people want it. I would like to hear some feedback, as I’m always trying to improve. Before icon/16’s are mentioned, they don’t seem to like to work with me hence I haven’t used them.

Here is some media :smiley:

Again, if anyone wants it, please do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot to show some media. Health & Armour when depleted.

Again with the two rectangles, the contrast is just too much, either make it a smoother transition or keep it one colour with a gradient if that’s the look your going for.
Also perhaps the postioning of the HP and armour bars could be changed to on top of the hud?

Nice to see another free thing from you - keep it up!

Having the outline completely white doesn’t make it too nice either. But at least you’re contributing.

I’ve edited it based on suggestions media will follow soon.