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/All humans please immediately proceed to a Giant Magical Meat Grinder. Thank you.

Very nice.

Finally a portal screenshot with some effort put into it. Good job.

the condensation isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice touch

My only problem with this is the whole thing is blurred and the only focus point is the condensation. That was probably the idea but I just dont find it appealing.

I really like it for some reason, the condensation is indeed a nice touch.

That explains the giant BBQ at the end.

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why is the condensation so in focus when the rest of that area is a blurred mess? inconsistent.

It’s on the camera lens dumbass

that’s STILL inconsistent. if it was on the camera lens and that in focus, then the entire background would be blurred out.

you don’t make any sense.

are you a fuckin’ idiot? what camera lens have you seen that can focus on things directly on the glass elements? not even dedicated macro lenses with 1:1 focus ratios can do that.
not that it even matters in this case because even if it was focused on the condensation everything else would be blurred.

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Also,the cell’s interior is blured not because of the camera focus, it’s because of cell’s walls(at least it was meant like this)

Condensation is on the external side of the walls,and it makes interior looks blurry

its obviously on the glass plates.

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Should do one for Karma Police, Let down and Paranoid Android.

this is such a nice effect. i like this a lot.

Holy Shit, a good portal pose?