Like Father, Like Son

Delicious as always. Love boba with the twin guns. Atmosphere is great as well, love the second one’s.

Love the colors and depth of field.

it’s hard to criticise something so good

I dont want to sound like a dick, but this isnt as good as his previous works. Sure, Slim is making top notch art, but this is more of a classic, imho. No offense.

Thanks for the kind words, what do you mean by “this is more of a classic” btw?

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The main picture is a lot smaller scale than the stuff I usually make, I just wanted to try out some new editing techniques so I thought I’d make something a bit quicker and easier hence the smaller scale.

I meant it like, its casual stuff and nothing special for me, becaus I know you can make a lot more interesting and greater scenes. I mean nothing bad, tho.