Like starting fresh? Want to play with mature people?

We’re looking for people to join our group.

Our concept is simple, we want to be able to get established on a new server as quick as possible. We will all join a server, proceed to farm our way to a pre-decided meeting point and see how quickly we can build a large house and tech up. We will have a few preferred house spots near resource gathering areas and rad towns, so we will always have an idea of how our houses should be built, and what to take into account to protect ourselves from raids, and also optimize our chances of successful loot- and gather runs with many nearby options. Based on our experiments so far, we estimate that we’d be able to build a near-raid proof base in a couple of hours with 5 people, assuming we aren’t killed too much while gathering.

Once we are established somewhere, we will decide on playstyle for that server. Sometimes we’ll be bandits, sometimes we’ll be heroes, other times naked archers, raiders, pacifists, whatever we want. This game has a lot to offer, so let’s try a little of everything. And since servers have such a short life span, and there will be plenty of wipes, if you want to play Rust, you will have to start fresh time and again. So we figure, why not get really good at that?

What we’re looking for:
Mature players (20+)
Willing to use voice chat, if only to listen. Skype, maybe TS or vent.
Knowledge of the map. You need to be able to make your way to the meeting point when you first spawn.
Willing to contribute to the group. Our gamestyle is all about the greater good, we will work as a single unit with a common goal and put all our efforts towards it.
Able to speak and understand English
Relaxed attitude. This is a game where we will lose everything regularly. People make mistakes, and it’s not a big deal.

We are all in EU timezone and so will mostly be playing EU servers. Our activity level varies, as we are adults we all have real life commitments and understand that others do, as well.

If you’d like to join us, add me as a steam friend:
Or search for “krapylet” - I am the one with the Storm Shadow avatar.
I’ll add you to our group and we can take it from there.

Bumping this, we’re still looking for a few more people to join our nomadic ranks!

Hi, do you play at night time? I like the objective of the group and be willing to join you but I’m from South America so I’m concerned about the time zone. I usually play at night, and it would be like…from 22hsLondon - 23Hs Paris to 4amLondon - 5AM Paris.

Let me know if that’s not a problem.

In the weekends at least some of us play those times. Tbh a couple of us are pretty hooked and we sometimes play until 1-2am even in the weekdays.

Obviously we’d be able to play with you less often than people in our own time zone, but it’s not like all your Rust activity has to be with our group. If you want to give it a go, you’re welcome to.

It sounds like we have like-minded goals and we are also looking for a group. Right now we have 6 members in different timezones. We are all 18+ and I think the lowest amount of time in Rust is 200hrs in our group. I’m thinking it would be a great idea if we were to merge, if anything our EU team members would have people to play with in there time zone. I prefer to use Team Speak but we do also have skype (we use Skype to contact each other when people are not on TS) I’ll list some contact info below.

People to contact on Steam



We have a Team Speak server