Like The Office? Have a look...

Yeah, so I was a bit bored and decided to try and make the Dunder Mifflin Scranton brach office. Here’s is some progress screenshots, I hope to have this finished in a week or so.

Needs lots of lighting work

Yeah, I will finish the lighting once it’s almost done.

Lighting is something you should work on during the map. Once you finish the map you feel like there’s no incentive for doing lighting.

Trust me, get it over with.

I would give the receptionists desk arch more segments.

Are you going to be doing just that part or will you be doing the entire building? (The warehouse, stairwell, main entrance, parking lot, ect)

Either way, looking good so far, just fix up the lighting.

I plan to do the whole office first. I will then start adding the stair well, lift, lobby, warehouse etc… all in goodtime though. This is another project i want to use so i can learn more about hammer. I am even going have a crack at models, for example Im going to try and make a watercooler.

Just a quick question. Is it my PC or are the downloads for models not working for this website? When I click the download link it takes me back to the home page.

Works for me

It works fine for me

probally a download limit


Here’s some updated screenshots. I’m not very good a lighting so it’s not great. I always find the ceilings have patches of shadows, I get there though. I’m using light_spot’s by the way.

I’ve tried to keep it as close to the real thing as possible. The final version will have pretty much no standard textures. I’m learning how to model in 3ds to make things like the watercooler and stuff.

inb4 The Office Charactor NPCs.

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This might be a useful reference.

You should replace some of the blocky furniture with the ones from L4D

For the desks that can’t be replaced, try to make them less thick and blocky, as well as the window and door frames

Also, the bumpmaps on the wall are a bit too strong. Could you fix that?

Just a quick update, I made my first model. It’s the Dunder Mifflin sign that just outside the office door. It’s not great but it fits its purpose.

Nice for a first model.

My advice to you: When you compile this map, compile it along with all the CS:S models, materials, and props so people who don’t have CS:S can play the map.

This map is great btw, I can see “The Office” Machinimas being made in the future…

I actually like your sign a lot better than alexojm’s, the 3D letters are nice. Nice color choice too.

The map is going pretty great too. The amount of props per room is just right.

Keep it up!

Can he do that in terms of legality? Wouldn’t he be giving other people props that they don’t own?