Like to Play Dark RP? Don't Play on BlueFox Servers!

Just a little PSA about the Blue-fox gaming servers on GMOD(note that I haven’t been on servers other that DarkRP but with the state of admins there i can presume there the same elsewhere). All the admins are abusive and just generally rude(bar 1 from my experience).I won’t be naming anyone.
Hear is a list of something’s they did.

1.No-Clipped into our place and stole printers e.c.t.
2.Allowed thieves to work together so they could steal stuff easier (against the rules).
3.Made up a Story about our gates being to complicated to get in( Excuse for nocliping out of our base).
4.Removed my, and others wiring countless times.
5.Gave them selves Millions of dollars.(I think admins should be = to players rp wise)I have no proof of this but its easy to guess that they would do this.
6.Slayed me countless time for leaving a melon on the road.( It’s a Melon whats wrong with you)
7.Bribed someone with $1M to not say anything about the admin abuse he saw (Guess he forgot)
8.Move the doors out of the frames with admin powers to get stolen goods out of our house.(Did a horrible job of covering it up then denied it)
9.And the rest of the time most of them a just straight rude and abusive.
10.Banned someone for a “Random Demote” which wasn’t true. The admin Cop random arrested him.
11.Banned someone for Role-playing a fist fight.
12.Tried to convince me that they had no keypad cracker so this could noclip in the base again.
13.and many more, this list would go on for ever if I got the issues from every-player.]
14.If you have any issues with them tell me an ill add them to the list

I can be backed up by countless players who have been put through their crap if your one of the post below.
I’m Not tiring to start a flame war or anything im just sharing my opinion. I’f you have a different opinion go ahead and post I’d like to see you experience with them.
Good day to you.

Oh lord, we don’t need “don’t join, admin noclipped and stole our money printers!!1” threads that just stir up drama. How did you think this was a good idea?

This piss me off and the others involved told me to make a thread so I did, Simple as that.

Thing is, we don’t really care that some admins stole your printers and what not. This is Facepunch, we usually don’t like DarkRP. I don’t believe this section as a whole cares at all about it, because shit like this happens. Just go away from the server and never come back. Don’t make a thread here about it.

Your probably right now that I think about some of the stuff I’v seen on face punch. So forget it.